A Dental Transition Advisory Firm

We help dental professionals navigate the transition process and maximize the value of their life’s work.


What is Your Transition Plan?

Whether you are 5 years away from a transition or 50, the hard truth is that you need a plan. A plan is important for more than just financial reasons; it will help you with goal setting, motivation, and how you generally structure your day. If you don’t know where the finish line is, how do you know which direction to run?


All transition plans certainly don’t have to include a partnership with a DSO or PE group, but you need to understand your options. 

Why Do I Need Representation?

Maybe you don’t. If all you want is an intro, just Google “DSO near me” and you’ll get plenty of phone numbers of groups that would be eager to talk with you.  An experienced advisor will help lead you through the most important transaction of your life and will get you higher value, better terms, and the peace-of-mind that you made the right choice.  Whether you decide to partner with 7 Pillars or not, we strongly recommend that you enlist representation for your transition. It’s too important to be left to chance.