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The 7 Pillars
of Deal Value

Our company was built with one focused goal – achieving maximum value for each of our clients.

While that philosophy may seem simple, value can take many forms as every professional has their own set of unique circumstances and priorities. So how do we respect the uniqueness of each situation and still execute a streamlined and efficient plan? Simple, we focus on the 7 Pillars of deal value. 

These 7 Pillars provide the framework for understanding the key aspects of a deal to equip you to make the best decision.  Each pillar represents a unique perspective by which the value of a deal can be assessed through the lens of your circumstances and goals.  We believe these 7 Pillars are critical to the success of your practice transition.  

Financial Value

The economic factors of a deal can be complex and challenging to navigate on your own. Our experts guide you through assessing and maximizing the value of each economic factor.

Partner Fit

Transitions are about more than finding a buyer, but rather a partner who will play a meaningful role in your life's next chapter. We help you identify and evaluate the potential partners that fit you and your practice.

Quantitative Analysis

A quantitative analysis compares the financial and lifestyle impacts of a transition. We conduct this analysis so you can make an apples-to-apples comparison of different deal options.

Alternative Evaluation

Every decision requires a comprehensive understanding of the available alternatives. We help you analyze each before making an educated decision.

Personal Objectives

While financial value is critical, your personal objectives are equally essential to making the best decision for your future. We help you understand how those objectives align with options available to you.

Transaction Timing

Market, career, and personal timing must align with your goals to create a successful partnership. We help you understand these factors so you can determine when the timing is right.


Each transition has three primary classes of risk: financial, clinical, and lifestyle. We help you define your risk tolerance and assess your partners’ impact on each class of risk.