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Join Dr. Montgomery as he sits down with Brett and learn about the intricacies of Dr. Montgomery's DSO-partnership journey.
Christy is joined by Brittany Frazier of CWA as they dive deep into financial planning for dental professionals.
Dr. Boatman talks about his DSO-transition journey and his experience working alongside the 7 Pillars team.
Dr. Joseph Gray, DDS, shares his experience and insights working alongside the 7 Pillars team throughout his practice transition to a DSO.
Dr. Kimber Holmes shares her insights on the practice transition process. Transitioning her practice was a long term goal, and Dr. Holmes talks through the journey of her career.
Explaining the dental service organization ("DSO")
Learn about the balance of timely communication, role definition, and how to preserve your practice's distinct culture.
DSOs are designed to assist dentists with the non-clinical aspects of running a dental office.
Hosts Christy and Brett discuss contributing factors which lead clients to identifying the right DSO partner.

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